the Moment is actually terrifying though

Like, it’s obviously terrifying as a weapon – dubbed the Galaxy Eater, it can destroy an unfathomable about of matter between one heartbeat and the next and leave no trace behind – but people don’t really talk about its sentience enough
“a weapon so powerful the operating system became sentient” which is pretty vague, but enough to let us know that it’s a weapon which can think for itself – the line which immediately follows is “according to legend, it developed a conscience” and that tells us that not only can a weapon think for itself, it can understand morality, and the difference between right and wrong, and decide what it considers to be “right” and “wrong”.

So a box of maybe one cubic foot in volume (possibly a touch larger), is self-aware, can think, has a concept of morality, can destroy galaxies at the push of a button… can telepathically interact with others, can create a physical manifestation of itself.

First point: in its own words, the Moment can hear the Doctor thinking as the Doctor carries it out to the barn – “I hear you, all of you, jangling around in that dusty old head of yours”.

Now, considering that the Time Lords seemed to have a lot of living technology (TARDISes, mainly, but that’s a much longer post for a time when there are fewer papers to write) and are an innately telepathic species, a construction of theirs being able to telepathically interface with a user isn’t very far out of the norm, but the Doctor doesn’t even notice that the Moment is “hearing” him.

He could just be “projecting” – ie, thinking “loudly” and broadcasting thoughts for another telepathic being to pick up on, but that’s just speculation on my part since we don’t know much about Time Lord biology.

Still, it can pick up on the thoughts of others, and presumably more than just immediate thoughts or thoughts in the forefront of a person’s mind, since it identifies the TARDIS as a “she” and that the Doctor doesn’t want her to witness him commit dual genocide.

Point two: the War Doctor sees the Moment’s interface sitting casually atop the Moment itself, grabs it, and pulls it out of the barn.

Not sure if it’s affronted or confused, there, but I love watching the facial expressions in this scene; the War Doctor is so classically the Doctor in his mannerisms, and the Moment is either “who do you think you are trying to drag me out of here I’ll just reappear” or “huh this is what physical contact is wait where are we going why are we moving” or, possibly, both.

Now, again, since we don’t have anything concrete or canon, this is up for debate, but I see this as one of two things: the Moment is still interacting psychically with the Doctor, and the Doctor isn’t actually touching anybody – he thinks he is, because the Moment is in his mind (which doesn’t make it any less terrifying it can create false realities and illusions around a person at its leisure what even), but there’s not really anyone there.

Or the Moment is able to project an interface of itself, physically present, capable of interacting with the world around it.

If it can create a false reality a person believes is real and believes they are interacting with and in, it can make that person do anything it wants to; if it can project a physical manifestation of itself, there isn’t anything stopping it from picking up the box-Moment and pressing the button itself.

If it can create a false reality a person believes is real and believes they are interacting with and in, it can make that person do anything it wants to; if it can project a physical manifestation of itself, there isn’t anything stopping it from picking up the box-Moment and pressing the button itself.

(I mean, there could be safeguards, but considering that the Time Lords locked it away by itself in the deepest part of their Vaults and refused to use it when they had exhausted all other options, and considering that they hadn’t just destroyed it already, and considering that they were all at least wary, perhaps intimidated, perhaps frightened by it, something tells me that all safeguards or rules or coding that went into the Moment went straight out the window when it woke up).

The first possibility is supported by the fact that the Moment seems to follow the Doctor around wherever he is in time (on Gallifrey; in the Tower in the 1500s; in the Black Archives) despite the box-Moment not being present; that no one else seems to be able to see it; that it shows everyone a vision of Gallifrey; the second is supported by the fact that the Moment appears to be able to interact physically with its surroundings (sitting on the Moment, on a crate; was pushed outside the barn by the Doctor).

To recap – the Moment can destroy galaxies in a heartbeat, can interact telepathically with others – including, but not limited to, mind reading and the projection of a believable illusion – can think independently, can understand the concept of morality, can vocalize and express thoughts to others.

Additionally: has some concept of humor – the imitation of the Doctor’s voice when it repeats “no more” back to him; “the interface is hot” “well, I do my best” (which also means it understands slang? and puns? and potentially flirting?); “stuck between a girl and a box… story of your life, eh, Doctor?” – knows enough to be reassuring – “you remember that sound the TARDIS makes? … that sound brings hope to anyone wherever it goes … anyone, however, lost… even you”.

It can also open time tunnels and see into the future and the past of a person’s timestream – again, considering the Time Lords and what they normally build, namely TARDISes, this isn’t that out of the ordinary, but, like. it broke through the Time Lock to pull incarnations of the Doctor out and, potentially, change the past. we don’t know if the past was changed, since the Doctors don’t remember what happened on Gallifrey (they may have destroyed it initially and changed the past; they may have just remembered destroying it when in fact they never did, like in the 50th), but it still means the Moment could have meddled.

Conclusion: the Moment is self-aware and hates the purpose for which it was built. after all the trouble it went through to make sure the Doctor was sure about his decision, it also seemed remarkably set on making sure that he had the opportunity to change it, if he so desired,

This meta is getting ridiculously long, at this point, but really, the Moment is the literal embodiment of deus ex machina. the only thing that’s stopping it from doing what it pleases is the fact that it doesn’t particularly seem to want to eat any galaxies. it’s alive, it thinks, it feels(?). at the least, it can understand emotions enough to mimic them; at most, it can feel emotions itself

This meta is getting ridiculously long, at this point, but it’s about to get even more ridiculous because half of the time, when I think about the Moment and the very real possibility that it’s just as alive as the Time Lords which made it (and infinitely more powerful), the image which comes into my mind is the little box tucked away on a shelf, the interface leaning up against the console of the Doctor’s TARDIS, quite happily chatting and maybe flirting just a tiny bit (”well, I’ve always had an eye for fine machinery”)


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