The Non-Titular Hero’s Journey in the Marvel Netflix Universe

The Non-Titular Hero’s Journey in the Marvel Netflix Universe

The Fifth Defender

Why Claire Temple is Vaguely Insulted by Post S2 Fics That Stick Her Right Back on an ER Shift

Scenario: You discover a bleeding-out weirdo in the dumpster next to your apartment.

A) Call 911 and let them handle it,
B) Pick him up and take him into your home?

If you chose B, congratulations! You have embarked on a Hero’s Journey!
Ah, the Hero’s Journey. The classic plot by which an ordinary, everyday person discovers they are actually extraordinary. It comes in many forms, but generally speaking, it’s a story of entering a different world, adapting to it, and returning home, having Leveled Up.

Characters who go on a Hero’s Journey usually have their own stories, or they’re part of an ensemble, but sometimes, for whatever reason, they’re stuck in the background of someone else’s. Or, a few other people’s. Really, though, are we not all the heroes of our own stories?

And since you’re no sidekick, that makes you a Hero, right? Right. Let’s examine your Hero’s Journey so far.



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