What are your guesses/opinions about what the FO’s society/commanding structure is like?

My pet theory on the First Order is that it’s made up of relatively independent, ehr, not really cells (too independent, though who knows), but branches, made up of the diverse remnants left after RotJ/Jakku. Historically speaking, it would make sense for the diverse Imperial remnants to have spent time apart, then rejoined. There’s a caveat because I can see that regrouping happening three ways; with alliances between different remnants, or with one eating the others. And a third way, mixing both, with a main remnant allying itself to some of the others and blitzing the ones they disagree with. For now, I’m leaning towards third.

If there are various remnants and they’re not that united, it could lead to infighting and one-upmanship, but it could also mean versatility, adaptability.

…Also leaves the door open for moar Imperial remnants, allied to the First Order or not. You know, since we’ll need more baddies at some point.

VIA: http://and-then-bam-cassiopeia.tumblr.com/post/145002253069/what-are-your-guessesopinions-about-what-the-fos


One thought on “What are your guesses/opinions about what the FO’s society/commanding structure is like?

  1. Well from all appearances they are a functioning military in the Force Awakens. This means they have at least a few systems with a few billion people behind them. The probably followed the old Sith Empire example in The Old Republic and simply fled with the rest of the remnants and either conquered or set up new colonies/worlds.

    We often forget that space is vast. Even in a single galaxy there would be hundreds of millions of planets to hide a military force and buildup. Even the best republic scouts would take lifetimes to search through them all. That’s assuming they had a sector to start in or any sort of clue.

    In the movie they appear to have simple top down structure. Sure there would be the Army and the Navy with different roles respectively. How Snoke and the Knights of Ren fit in isn’t clear. Snoke appears to be the head of the government. Yet he cannot deal with day to day things so he must have both a military high command and civilian counsel. I suppose they could be the same but it would be a problem of workloads and efficiencies then. It’s easier to keep them separate.

    Their military make up still seems to be primarily of humans. This suggests the colony/ new establishments more than existing people on unknown worlds. One thing Star Wars never focuses on is the myriad of normal citizens who benefited from them empire with jobs, contracts, or other forms of prosperity. It would probably not be too hard to convince those who would lost out their former prosperity to set out to form new colonies in space.


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