Bucky Barnes: The Commodity, The Emasculated, The Subaltern

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is a well known character in both the Marvel Comic Universe as well as in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mainly for his role as the great Captain America’s sidekick and as a rejection to the 1940’s rise of Hitler youth. Regardless of which universe Bucky Barnes is occupying, his tragic death and subsequent reincarnation remains the same: becoming the fabled assassin known as the Winter Soldier. While the Winter Soldier arch is indeed an in depth and continuous storyline that has been developing since 2005 in the comic universe, the character arch has just begun in the movies. Because of this infancy and subtle deviation from the original comic story line, the critically acclaimed movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, offers a new look at the character of Bucky Barnes and his more antagonistic alias, the Winter Soldier. The hegemony depicts Barnes and his alias to be the main villain working against the patriotic hero and his gang of superheroes in the film however, this is not true. In fact through the lens of Marxism, feminism, and postcolonial theory, it can be said that Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier is the victim rather than the villain due to his commodification, emasculation, and colonized self at the hands of Hydra, thus causing him to become a subaltern figure throughout the film.

VIA: http://buckyackles.tumblr.com/post/139486545214/bucky-barnes-the-commodity-the-emasculated-the


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