How our romanticisation of Rey and Kylo has changed Reylo, Why I Love Kylo Ren, (It’s not what you’re thinking.) And Character Archetypes.

I think we can all agree that when a fandom starts up on Tumblr, we tend to turn characters we love and adore into caricatures of the original. I don’t mean this as an insult. You see this all the time, and it isn’t a bad thing. We tend to turn the fandom represented form of those characters into exaggerated romanticised versions, and forget what the originals are really like until we experience the piece of media again. You may think I’m talking about comics, fan art, and fan fiction, and partly I am, but I’m also talking about the fandom wide consensus of a character’s personality. It took me a while to realise we as a fandom were doing this with Reylo, but I’m fairly certain we are. The thing that tipped me off to this was a realisation about all my OTP’s.

Reylo is the basic form of my every OTP. And that OTP is, a broken and wronged individual, still trying their best, with a strong set of morals. And then the dick bag that falls in love with them. I love the concept of these two broken people finding the support and love they need in each other, and ultimately bettering the person who had lost their way, and each other. I love this dynamic so much because Characters like Rey, (the ones that are still trying to be hopeful) are often lonely, and strangers to unrelenting I’ll sacrifice my life for you love. And characters like Kylo, once they truly look at this other person, often feel compelled to be that person, and look at that person; still pushing to be hopeful and good, like they’re the sun and stars. Okay, enough of that, so let’s talk about how we as a fandom have romanticised Rey, Kylo, and Reylo as a whole.



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