The Possible Impossible Girl

A (possibly) familiar argument, now with brand new words…

The Impossible Girl arc was an incredibly smart way of introducing the new companion for the Eleventh Doctor. Setting up Clara as a compelling and wonderful character, it played with the audience’s ideas of what a Moffat era storyline looks like. At its core, it was the ultimate subversion of the tropes we had become accustomed to.

When Jenna Coleman first appeared in Asylum of the Daleks and then The Snowmen, theorising came into full force. Every explanation one could imagine was traded around, from a relative of past characters to a gift from the universe itself. But what they all had in common was that people felt they already knew what to expect. And what they did not expect was that Clara Oswald, the mystery, the woman with the thousand monikers (Soufflé Girl, The Girl Who Can, The Woman Twice Dead…), would turn out to be a normal girl.



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