On Sharon “Boomer” Valerii

Boomer’s life wasn’t all a lie. She might not have been born on Troy and she might not have had parents named Abraham and Katherine, but between the end of that cover story and the moment she shot Adama, was over two years of life that was wholly and exclusively Boomer’s. It was Boomer who worked and trained to become a qualified pilot. It was Boomer who earned her promotion to junior lieutenant. It was Boomer who fostered relationships with the Chief and Helo and the Old Man to build herself a new family in the absence of her old. It was Boomer who made herself a part of Galactica, a loved and respected member of her crew. All of those accomplishments, all of the things Boomer most treasured, were Boomer’s alone. They weren’t part of some sleeper agent cover story. They were never a lie. They were hers.

VIA: http://mnamosyna.tumblr.com


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