Enlightenment and Salvation in Rogue One

I’ve been wanting to talk about the themes of enlightenment & salvation in rogue one (along with the force & hope) for a really long time, and I think I have the words to explain what I’m thinking now so here goes:

As a Hindu (a religion star wars has been inspired by) one of the common themes I’ve noticed is how enlightenment works. One of the main ideas is that anyone in any situation can be salvaged in the end (ie. redemption. Like how Anakin rises to the light in ROTJ). Some people, are dedicated believers their entire lives (see: Chirrut in the Force, Cassian in the Rebellion). Some lose faith but regain it in the end (see: Baze in the Force, Jyn in the Rebellion).

VIA: https://forestpenguin.tumblr.com/post/158598276530/ive-been-wanting-to-talk-about-the-themes-of


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