Why is Westworld the most engaging television product of the last few years?

Let’s talk Westworld. Why is it such a crucial show at this point in television history? And why does it bother me (and you?) when people call it “boring”?

Yes, people have been calling Westworld “boring”, believe it or not.

Let’s start off by saying that, for obvious reasons, the appeal of a show is different to each viewer, depending on their background, upbringing and, most importantly, level of education. That is not to say that less educated people can’t appreciate complex products, it simply means that certain education paths give you tools and instruments to read past the immediate impression. And this is what I do, because I’ve been blessed with a literary and critical background (yes, that’s what I studied in university) that allows me to analyse what’s beneath the text (text intended as complex structured communication, not simply written text).

VIA: tanhayk.tumblr.com


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