Why I think Eurus knew that Sherlock was in love with Molly

I think we can all agree on the fact that Eurus had no interest in hearing Molly Hooper say the words ‘I love you’.

She wanted Sherlock to say it. Like Mycroft says: ‘This is all about you. Everything here’. She went as far as engraving the words on the coffin, placed artfully in the middle of the wall for all to see. Like the title at the top of a music sheet. Not so dumb an image. In that room, I felt that she played Sherlock like she would an instrument (the countdown set up the pace of her musical composition and, like a true conductor, she would be in charge of the tone of the piece ”Softer, Sherlock”).

But I digress. As I said, the lid of the coffin is a dramatic way of announcing what was to come. This was more than an I Love You scene. This was The I Love You Test.

Sherlock’s test.

Now. And this is where it gets quite good.

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