Blood Will Have Blood

“Shades is Lady Macbeth and Mariah is Macbeth … she becomes more adept at violence, violence becomes her solution … Shades is alienated by that” – Cheo Hodari Coker The most obvious parallel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth is Mariah’s murder of her cousin Cornell. In Macbeth, King Duncan is ruler of Scotland, murdered by his kinsman … More Blood Will Have Blood

NPD and Thanos

Many people are familiar with the origins of the word narcissism. They know the bare bones of the story of a young man who catches a glimpse of his own reflection, falls in love with himself, and wastes away. For this reason, many people believe narcissism is a case of being too in love with … More NPD and Thanos

Sibling Rivalry and Fear of Abandonment: A Psychoanalytic Analysis of Loki

Specifically, I argue that Loki’s actions in the first Thor film are a form of regression–reliving the traumatic childhood experience of feeling abandoned, which is his greatest unconscious driving force. READ MORE VIA:

“But I Did It”- Guilt in Captain America: Civil War

I came away from Civil War really struck by how overwhelming the theme of guilt was. It motivates people to do selfless things, it motivates people to do selfish things, and it’s the driving force behind the ultimate showdown between Bucky and Tony. What the movie does though is contrast the fashion people deal with their guilt.
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